Workshops are designed to give students more in depth information on specific topics. The workshop program generally consists of a variety of one to five day intensive courses taught by professional, working artists. Typically, workshop hours are 9 AM to 4 PM with a one hour break for lunch. Workshops are offered for different skill levels. Most require a certain level of experience, unless otherwise noted, so please read all course descriptions carefully. Supplies are not included (unless otherwise noted). Deposits are required to register and cancellation fees apply.

We require 7 days' notice before the date of the class or workshop you are registered in for you to receive a full refund.  There is no refund available with less than 7 days' notice, with the sole exception being if Kensington Art Supply or one of our instructors must cancel the class or workshop.  In this instance, the full fee will be refunded, or you may have the fees applied to another class or workshop.  If you must miss a class or workshop, you may find another person to take your place and you are responsible to receive payment from them.  In this case, please let us know their name and email in case they need to be notified about supplies required or other information pertaining to their class or workshop.

Skill Levels

Beginner:  You feel lost and uncomfortable in an art store but you are enthusiastic and willing to learn the basics.
Novice:  You have basic drawing skills and some familiarity with a medium or mediums.
Intermediate:  You can draw well and you are very comfortable with your medium.   You understand the basic elements and principals of design (composition, value, and color).
Advanced:  You have excellent drawing skills and you are confident with your medium(s).
Professional:  You are a working artist
Please note – you will get the most out of art classes and workshops that are appropriate to your skill level. 

Saturday, November 18 - Pouring Medium Workshop with Lisa Roberts

Pouring Medium Jan 25

Lisa will demonstrate new techniques and methods using Liquitex Pouring Medium & Pebeo acrylic paint to create an amazing unique effect. Lisa will teach you all about pouring medium and how to create many different effects on canvas and cradleboard .

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Lisa Roberts 

Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017 

Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm 

Fee: $65.00

Sunday, November 19 - Watercolour Sampler with Sherry Telle

Beginner Watercolour April - June
Have you wanted to watercolour and want to know more about it before signing up for a workshop?  Join Sherry Telle as she walks you through the types of watercolour paints, brushes, paper, and beginning techniques.  Enjoy a Sunday afternoon exploring the aspects of painting with watercolour, and then decide if this is the medium for you!

Level:  Beginner

Instructor:  Sherry Telle

Date:  Sunday, November 19, 2017

Date:  1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Fee:  $75.00, supplies included

Friday, November 24 - A Taste of Encaustics with Judy Perrin

A Taste of Encaustics Nov 24 2017
This workshop is designed to introduce you to the art of encaustic painting. It is an ancient method of using beeswax, which dates back to ancient times, many thousands of years ago.

This is a workshop for beginners who are curious about this luscious medium. You will learn about making a basic wax medium (to be provided) which is the foundation of your painting, how to apply  and fuse each layer of wax applied. You will be introduced to using a griddle to keep your waxes fluid and a hot-air gun to fuse each layer as you go.

Come on out and try this fun and versatile medium!

Level:  Beginner

Instructor:  Judy Perrin

Date:  Friday, November 24, 2017

Time:  10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fee: $85.00, some supplies included

Sunday, November 26 - Coloured Pencil Sampler with Sherry Telle

Coloured Pencil Sampler
How does Sherry Telle make the coloured pencils sparkle this way?  Join Sherry for a Sunday afternoon of exploring coloured pencils.  Discover blending of colours, shading, hard lines, soft lines, and sparkle!  Enjoy the beauty of “painting” with coloured pencils.

Level:  Beginner

Instructor:  Sherry Telle

Date:  Sunday, November 26, 2017

Time:  1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Fee:  $75.00, some supplies included

Intro to Drawing Manga - A Monthly Workshop Series


Learn the basic techniques of Japanese manga illustration!

Each session will focus on style, genre, and character development. Topics include dynamic poses, perspective & proportion, lighting & special effects, and creating a story board.

Students will have access to lots of reference material and receive one-on-one instruction, as they come away with designs for their own original manga series!

Instructor:  Megan Ruhl

Fee:  $65.00 per session + GST

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

December 6 –  6:00 – 9:00 p.m.