6 pm – 9 pm


Pricing for Artists + Watercolour Open Studio

with Brittney Tough

Join artist Brittney Tough for an all encompassing night of learning and watercolour painting!

Paint + Learn! Spend an evening painting while learning about pricing artwork. Pricing is one of the hardest tasks that emerging artists face. There are many opinions about pricing artwork, and Brittney will share the range of methods for pricing both commissions and artwork so you can establish a pricing method that works for you.

Pursue your watercolour paintings while working alongside the company of other watercolour enthusiasts. Brittney will also provide individualized technical, conceptual & mentorship guidance based on what you want to achieve. Whether you paint as a hobby or are developing a career, Brittney has tools to help you in your journey.

Work at your own pace and give yourself the gift of time to be creative with your own projects. Get ready to be immersed in watercolourland, a positive and supportive environment!

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