Ralph Temple


My approach to teaching is to explain the principles and methods used in painting. Students learn how to analyze their own subject matter so as to sequence and use appropriate techniques for any image, regardless of style.

Ralph Temple has been involved in many aspects of the art world for most of his life. He began as a painter, and has been teaching art since high school. 

Ralph earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, in 1976 from the University of Alberta. Then came a career in museums and public art galleries, culminating in the position of Technician at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts. Throughout this time he continued to teach and paint, and was asked to become a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour in 1982.

Primarily a landscape artist, Ralph has striven to communicate in his work a sense of being aware of atmosphere. Certain moods of nature and the feeling of being present pervade his work, whether in watercolour, acrylic, or oil painting.

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