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Wednesday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

We become one and the same vibration as our companions on the same path as we share purpose and goals with them.

Connie Geerts started her professional art career with a move to the West coast in 1987. After exploring many materials, her love of acrylic painting flourished and she has been working in the medium ever since. Geerts started exhibiting her work in 1997 and has maintained consisted representation ever since.

While continuing to paint, she studied bronze casting in Mexico and found her second love when she discovered glass kiln casting in 2005. She found the glass possessed the same fluid translucency of colour that she enjoyed with acrylic paint, and it was possible in a three-dimensional medium. Since that time Geerts has developed a passion for combining cast glass with other materials in mixed media sculptures.

Geerts continues to work in her first passion, acrylic painting, but now devotes equal time to discovering the possibilities in sculpture.

“The iconic nature of trees, as a symbol of life and growth, continue to inspire me. They serve as a vehicle to express my love of colour play. My painting style draws its inspiration from the impressionists and my work as a video journalist. The brush strokes suggest the broken look of digital imagery, adding a contemporary feel to my work.”

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