Tombow USA

We are proud to have a great selection of popular Tombow products in-store. There are several outstanding products that we would like to share with you!

Dual Brush Pens

Dual Brush Pen
If you haven’t tried these innovative brush pens, now is a great time! With a stiff, fine tipped end for detailing and sharp lines, and a soft, brush tip for both broad and thin strokes and washes of colour, these brush pens are great for any project. The water-based ink is both odourless and blendable, allowing for a range of effects to be achieved. There must be something magical about these tips: they self-clean after blending!

These pens are excellent for doodling, journalling, hand-lettering, colouring, fine art, illustrations, and more!

Open stock: New lower price of $3.50 each

Set of 10: $29.95

Full set of all 96 colours and a desk stand: $309.00


Mono Drawing Pencils

Mono Pencil
These high-density, graphite pencils are smudge-proof and long-lasting. They are available in the following strengths: 2B, 2H, 3B, 3H, 4B, 4H, 5B, 5H, 6B, 6H, B, F, H and HB.

Open stock: $1.65

Set of 12: $17.75

Set of 6 plus Mono Zero Eraser: $13.25


Mono Original Correction Tape

Original Correction Tape
You’ve never seen a correction tape quite like this before: made with 70% post-consumer recycled content, this correction tape dispenser is constructed with a side-ways applicator for easy and smooth application. There’s no drying time with this break-proof tape!

They’re only $4.50 each!


Mono Zero Erasers

Mono Zero Eraser
If you’ve ever had difficulty erasing only the details you want without erasing… well… everything else at the same time, the Mono Zero Eraser is the eraser for you! With two types of precision tips, one rounded, one rectangular, available, you can erase only what you need to and the rest of your work will be safe! The pen-style body makes this tool incredibly easy to use and control for the ultimate precision erasing experience.

Each eraser comes with a refill for only $6.95!

Mono Sand Eraser

Mono Sand Eraser
Need to erase ink? The Mono Sand Eraser has you covered! This eraser is made with a blend of natural rubber latex and gritty silica to help you easily erase ballpoint and rollerball ink, coloured pencil, and even some types of marker.

Additionally, this eraser is super environmentally friendly: it is produced with all-natural materials and a 100% recycled pulp sleeve!

Even better: they’re only $3.30.


What are your favourite Tombow products? These are a few of ours! Come in today to check them out and give them a try yourself.