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Meet the Team

Annette Wichmann

I have the best job in the world – I own an art supply store! And that means I get to meet and work with a lot of pretty creative people from beginners to seasoned professionals. There’s nothing better than helping a customer find the right tool, the right paint or just talk about creative possibilities.
I like to experiment with all of the various art materials that can be found in the store and then some. My favourite art mediums include watercolours, acrylics, mixed media, photography, calligraphy and… oh, where does this end? Actually, it never does end. I continue to play and experiment with various mediums and so when a customer asks, “Have you tried this?”, most times I can say, “Yes, I have.”
I like texture and colour and strive to incorporate these into my own artwork. My current work is based in mixed media which allows me to incorporate my favourite mediums into one piece of art.


Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts is a working artist and instructor who focuses her practice on experimentation with acrylics and mixed media techniques.


Alex Stevenson

Alex Stevenson was born 1992 in Calgary Alberta. He received His Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2016. He is currently an artist in residence with the Calgary board of education. Alex’s work consists of mixed media drawings and paintings, mainly using Ink and collage techniques. The works have a distinctive visual style influenced by everything from; comics and propaganda, to medieval artworks and the urban environment. He often reuses previous works altering, copying and collaging them into new forms.


Megan Ruhl

I am an emerging artist of both traditional and digital mediums, ranging from two-dimensional to 3D forms. As a graduate of the University of Calgary with a BFA in visual art, I have exhibited my work in local galleries such as MOCA (now Contemporary), Artpoint and Wolf Willow Studio. Since completing my degree in 2013, I’ve obtained professional opportunities as a graphic designer, wherein I apply my skills in digital art and animation. But, of course, I’ve long held an affinity for painting and always retained this medium as a part of my artistic practise. As a painter, I attempt to exploit the full potential of my medium and explore possibilities not easily achieved by digital art.

Sue Bussoli

Sue Bussoli is a working artist who says, “Art to me is a life long journey. It surrounds a person in all the senses. It’s also a gift that sometimes is there and sometimes I have to look for it. The mediums I’ve loved are pen and ink, watercolours and water-soluble oils. But my eyes are venturing new paths with mixed mediums. There is just so much out there to explore and the more I talk to people, the possibilities are endless. What a delight it is to work part time in an art supply store amongst paper, pens, paints and creative people.”

Allie Mueller

Allie Mueller is our Social Media coordinator. A recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a BA in English, Allie coordinates everything from webpage entries to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Outside of her work on social media, Allie is a writer.  Although her preferred genres are science fiction and modern fiction, Allie has experimented in historical, fantasy, and steampunk fiction as well as in creative non-fiction.  Allie has diversified in the area of copy and technical writing through the Continuing Education program at the University of Calgary.

Greta Baack

Greta Baack
Greta is a calligrapher, mixed media artist, and art journalist who loves to work with paper, glue and scissors, acrylic paints and mediums, watercolours, pencil crayons, and many different inks and pens. She has studied with various calligraphers and mixed media artists from across North America, and has given workshops in mixed media in Calgary. Her work has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors, Bound and Lettered, and in the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild Journal. Several of her large mixed media works are in private collections. Greta works part-time at the store.

Jeff Lyons

I am a self-taught, stubbornly non-conformist artist. I’ve been oil and acrylic painting for over 20 years, creating fun portraits of fictional women, silly surrealism and pop abstracts. I used to be a custom portrait painter. I’ve shown my artwork around Calgary and Halifax but have the most success online. My aim is to create artwork that is playful, unique and positive.

Shelly Wright

IMG_2147 (Edited)
Shelly started as a calligrapher before realizing how much more discipline it takes to form a “perfect” letter than it does to mess around with watercolour paints.

Look for a lot of purple in her work. It’s been her favourite colour since she was two.

Shelly works part-time at the store.

Judy Perrin


Connie Geerts

Carla Kjar

Art, in any form, has always been part of my life. Whether drawing (graphite, charcoal, India ink), painting (oil, acrylic), weaving, sewing and design, pottery….. Some media are self-taught while others developed in numerous courses with exceptional artist/instructors.

After an exciting career in print and document management; I can now focus on exploring and expanding this skill set and along the way encourage others to spread their artistic wings. There is no better place to immerse oneself in the current tools and mediums than Kensington Art Supply.   It is a pleasure to work with so many exciting, energizing and talented folk whether colleagues or customers.