September 30th – Connie Geerts – Design

skillbuilding image for Sept 30

Connie Geerts – Wednesday Workshop – September 30th

Subject this week:  Skill Building #2 – Design

This week we’ll go in depth into “the one rule” of design and how it applies to everything. We’ll also look at the principals and elements of design.  Please bring watercolour/canvas  paper to do an exercise on.  I’ll have some reference material but feel free to bring your own. As always you are free to work on whatever project you choose.

Things are changing up a bit as of this month.   All the teachers are back at Kensington Art Supply for September so we are back to using one classroom.  Due to social distancing rules, each class is still limited to 7 students.  To make the same number of 14 spots available, there will be a morning class (9 am-noon) and the usual afternoon class (1-4 pm).  The same subject matter for that day will be taught in each class.  Please make sure you sign up for the time slot you are after!

Covid 19 information: We will be social distancing with a max of 7 students per room.  Participants are expected to use hand sanitizers, and good social distancing protocols.  Masks used at your discretion. There will not be coffee service at this time.  We will strive to provide a safe atmosphere.

Instructor:  Connie Geerts
Time:  Morning 9 am – Noon
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Fee:  $45.00 + GST
Location:  Kensington Art Supply.  #120, 6999 11 Street SE Calgary