Subject this week:

This week it’s Rabbits for the demo! Cute and cuddly fuzz bunnies or long and lanky jackrabbits. You choose! Of course as usual, you can bring whatever you would like to work on.

Instructor: Connie Geerts

Level: All welcome – Beginner to Advanced

Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Times: Morning 9am-12pm OR Afternoon 1-4pm

Workshop Fee: $45


  • Set of acrylic paints
  • Palette
  • Paint brushes (I recommend at least a 1″ flat, 1.5″ flat, and a few smaller brushes)
  • Canvas (any size)
  • Cradleboard or paper to paint on (any size)
  • Sketch/note book
  • Watercolour crayon or chalk to draw your image
  • 1 plastic binder sleeve
  • Ruler
  • Any other tools or mediums you like to use
  • Reference photos of the subject you want to paint

NOTE: All the teachers are back at Kensington Art Supply as of September so we are back to using one classroom.  Due to social distancing rules, each class is limited to 7 students.  To make the same number of 14 spots available, there will be a morning class (9 am-noon) and the usual afternoon class (1-4 pm).  The same subject matter for that day will be taught in each class.  Please make sure you sign up for the time slot you are after!

Covid 19 information: We will be social distancing with a max of 7 students per room.  Participants are expected to use hand sanitizers, and good social distancing protocols.  Masks are required per city bylaw. There will not be coffee service at this time.  We will strive to provide a safe atmosphere.

INSTRUCTOR BIO: Geerts started her professional art career with a move to the West coast in 1987. After exploring many materials she fell in love with acrylic painting and has been working in the medium ever since. In 2000, Geerts moved to Calgary, Alberta and was able to devote more time to creating art. Geerts continues to work in her first passion, acrylic painting, but now devotes equal time to discovering the possibilities in sculpture.