Paint – Watercolour

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Art Supply is an art supply manufacturer and retailer. Dan Smith, a noted printmaking artist, founded the operation in 1976, endeavoring to produce artist-grade printmaking ink.

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Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton manufactures a wide variety of fine art products including: oils, alkyds, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, brushes, canvases, papers, portfolios, and distributes the Derwent pencil sets.

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M Graham

M. Graham was founded 22 years ago by a couple of artists who shared a passion for quality artist supplies. Since then the M. Graham family has remained dedicated to providing the finest color available by milling our paint in small batches. We care about making paint this way, because it gives us the chance to devote attention to every part of the process. That’s why we can personally ensure the reliability and consistency of every paint that leaves our hands.

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Cotman Water Colours

An excellent range of affordable watercolours, Cotman has 40 colours available in tubes and pans.

They have good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties. There are also a number of watercolour sets in the range.

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Royal Talens

The mission of Royal Talens is to facilitate and stimulate creative expression in painting and drawing. We innovatively market inspiring top-quality products and knowledge worldwide in every relevant segment. We do this based on a thorough understanding of consumer needs.

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Stoneground Paint Co.

Stoneground paint is handmade on the Canadian Prairies in Regina Saskatchewan. Top grade Gum Arabic, locally sourced wildflower honey, and the world’s best pigments combine to create traditionally made paint, ground by hand in small batches.  “Our traditional approach results in watercolour paint with amazing translucency, luminosity, and depth, while enhancing the effects of glazing techniques.”

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