Instructor Bios

Instructor Bios


Nancy-Lynne Hughes

When you love what you do and do what you love it never feels like ‘work’, says Hughes. Nancy works predominantly in acrylic but also enjoys other mediums. Her favorite subject is the local landscape; be that the intimate view of a beautiful flower, a flower garden, a bed of river rocks, or the vastness of the prairies around her. She looks for those moments when the changing light turns the ordinary to the extraordinary and strives to capture and share those breath taking moments.

In addition to painting at her home studio Nancy has been teaching art at private teaching studios in Calgary for over 25 years. She is the Studio Director at Kensington Art Supply and Instruction where she offers and coordinates art classes, workshops, and painting holidays to students of all ages in all mediums and is delighted to be part of the biggest and best art supply and instruction facility in western Canada. Nancy’s works hang in collections in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, United States and across Canada.




Margaret Holland

Margaret has been painting for 20 years. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a country girl at heart with a passion for art. Her connection to rural life pulls her to landscapes, buildings and small town living and as an artist she interprets that country essence into her work.

Margaret is a realistic painter and although she is comfortable working in all mediums, her heart currently belongs to watercolour and oils. She maintains diversity in her subject matter as it presents challenges for her to conquer and she feels this creates energy and spark and deeper understanding of the elements in the paint.

Margaret’s techniques and knowledge were developed by studying under local and international caliber teachers, taking a variety of art courses, workshops, and painting holidays. International travel has enriched the interpretation of landscapes and architecture through immersion into the history of the site, the aging stones and richness of surrounding life. “Painting is truly living in the moment”. Capturing a moment in time provides an opportunity for viewers to enjoy a life experience of their own in each of her paintings.

Margaret has been an instructor of art since 2008 teaching at various locations throughout the city of Calgary. She loves to share her knowledge by teaching techniques and elements of good painting and by critiquing art work on a daily basis. Seeing students blossom with confidence as they develop their skills and sharing their “light bulb moments” of understanding is truly her reward as she shares their pride in their work.

Exhibitions and competitions provide continual opportunities for Margaret to critically examine her work within the broader artistic community and to more fully appreciate the work of her peers. In addition to receiving cash awards in art competitions Margaret has been the recipient of numerous First Place ribbons and a First Place Medallion from the Calgary Stampede.

Commercial and private collectors in Canada and USA have acquired her art.

Historical Association Memberships: Calgary Sketch Club, Interpretations Artists Association, Western Horizons Art Group, Kaleidoscope Art Association

Shawn Murray

Drawing inspiration since childhood, Calgary artist Shawn Murray has defined his life experience always with sketchbook in hand. In 2000, Shawn was accepted to The Alberta College of Art and Design based on his illustrative portfolio and enrolled as a drawer. During his time at ACAD, he quickly realized the many other exciting artistic mediums, techniques and potential that he could add to his evolving practice. Graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing, Shawn emerged as a more diverse mixed media artist with the necessary creative tools to last a lifetime of making art. In the fall of 2014, Shawn started working at Kensington Art Supply and Instruction as a full time assistant store manager and instructor where he is happy to share his creative experiences with artists of all skill levels. Currently, Shawn works on large scale acrylic paintings, various illustrative projects, digital graphics, and mixed media art journaling.

Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts is a working artist and instructor who focuses her practice on experimentation with acrylics and mixed media techniques.

Sherry Telle

Associate Instructors Include:

Mary-Leigh Doyle

Mary-Leigh Doyle is an experienced instructor teaching and working in a large variety of media. She has studied at O.C.A.D., S.A.I.T., U of C, Mount Royal, private art studios and has had the pleasure of working with many very accomplished local artists including, but not limited to, Nancy-lynne Hughes, Ingrid Christensen, Erica Neumann, Jean Geddes, Adele Woolsey, Alice Helwig, Rick Berg, Curtis Golomb, Jerry Markham and Brian Attyeo.

Mary-Leigh worked as a high school art instructor for 10 years but has specialized in adult studio instruction for the past 15 years. She emphasizes good technique and creativity equally. Her students are encouraged to develop their own personal style and to grow within that style retaining their own unique personality and individuality in their work. 

To see Mary-Leigh’s work or to learn more about her, please visit her website:

Cheryl Peddie

Cheryl Peddie is originally from Saskatoon, SK, and now resides in Calgary, AB. She is a full-time artist and art instructor who has been painting in oil for 20 years. Cheryl studied art intensively with private instruction and independent work in studio. Her notable instructors included Liz Wiltzen and Karen Swearengen. As an instructor, Cheryl is versed in teaching both oil and acrylic landscapes, urban street scenes, interiors, still life and animals. Her classes are run as an open studio, with each student working on their own project at their own pace. Throughout class, Cheryl spends time with each student, helping them learn about their materials and find a style they love. Her lessons focus on value, temperature and saturation plus design, form, perspective, contrast, edges, and drawing skills. Cheryl also does demonstrations in class to help illustrate the concepts students will be learning.

Jean Pederson

Margaret Best

Doug Levitt

Melanie Morstad

Ekaterina Podzniakova

Adele Woolsey

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky