Handwritmic standard Ruling pen


This is the standard type of the Handwritmic Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen for students and calligraphers who want to have a reliable pen with extraordinary effects on expressive calligraphy. Beautiful stainless steel ruling pen with opaque black handle.

Package designed by Chiara Riva, the Handwritmic ruling pens are dedicated to Brody Neuenschwander

If you have been to our store you know how much we love Calligraphy. This pen is a real treat! A ruling pen does so much more than make straight lines. With the enormous flat surface, it can be used for very unique calligraphy. This is a tough pen that you can use for modern techniques and on rough sufaces.

PRICE: $88

Here is an in-depth review if you aren’t sure what a ruling pen is for… PEN REVIEW on Pen Addict. 

“What is really cool about this pen is that you can write rough with it. Pushing the pen up on the surface of your paper produces great splatters and unusual effects.”