Friday, January 19 – Nuno Felting Workshop with Cindy Lee

Nuno felting Kan 19 2018
In this workshop students will use Nuno felting techniques to create a stunning, one of a kind scarf. Nuno felting is a process of coaxing wool fibres through open weave fabric using water, soap and gentle agitation. We will use silk fabric as a base and embellish it with merino wool, and various novelty and silk fibres. The result will be an exquisite, light weight textile which drapes beautiful. In this one-day workshop we will cover layout, felting and fulling. Beginner and experienced felters are welcome.

The merino wool, fibres and felting tools (soap, bubble wrap, spray bottles and plastic) will be supplied. There is a $15.00 supply fee. Students are required to bring 2 large bath or beach towels, a green garbage bag and 1/2 meter of 45″ silk chiffon which can be purchased at Bhatia Cloth House or Out Of Hand. Select the chiffon with a design you find attractive.

Level: All levels

Instructor: Cindy Lee

Date:  Friday, January 19, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fee: $95.00 plus a $15.00 supply fee to Cindy