Demos are a great way to expose yourself to new techniques, products and upcoming workshops.
We are open to your ideas, if you have a Demo request ask us about it:

"Making a Good Painting" An FCA Demo with Deborah Tilby

2020- Feb Demo Banner copySo many elements go into making a good painting and in this workshop we will cover as many as time permits, including composition, value sketches, black and white studies and blocking in with full colour. We will pay particular attention to making a good beginning. The initial block in can have an enormous effect on the progress of that painting; it can flow relatively smoothly or be a struggle all the way through. Deborah will demonstrate several ways to tackle that initial block in, and demonstrate her approach to any problems that arise, offering plenty of help one-on-one.

Level: All Levels 
Instructor: Deborah Tilby
Date: Friday, February 21, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cost: $5 +GST for  members; $10 +GST for non-members

Calgary Urban Sketching at Kensington Art Supply - Live Demo

demoWe will have artists from Calgary Urban Sketchers doing live demonstrations from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, March 7th, 2020.

Come join us for a fun and informative session to learn all about this worldwide movement of sketching on-location in our urban environments. Calgary Urban Sketchers is an authorized chapter of, the international organization of tens of thousands of urban sketchers across the globe. They are an all-volunteer non-profit group dedicated to fostering a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing.

Urban Sketchers support each other and draw together; sharing their world one sketch at a time.  For more information about Calgary Urban Sketchers, please visit