Crystal Salamon – Awakening Artful Colouring

AAC Cover

Crystal Salamon paid us a wonderful visit last week to drop off a bunch of copies of her new colouring book, Awakening Artful Colouring. We are absolutely thrilled to have these in stock! Not only is Crystal an amazing artist, she is a local artist as well, hailing from Turner Valley.

This book makes a great gift for anyone on your list! And it’s only $20.00!

A great pairing for this colouring book are the Faber-Castel Polychromos Coloured Pencils.


These pencils offer a buttery consistency that is perfect for layering, highlighting, blending, and creating transitions. The lightfastness of these pencils is amazing. Each pencil comes with a lightfastness rating: ***very good (100+ years!), **good, and *reasonable.

We carry these pencils in sets:

36 – $85.00

60 – $150.00

120 – $299.00

Crystal Salamon’s book is a great way to join the colouring craze and support a local artist at the same time!