Connie Geerts – Wednesday Afternoon Drop-In Class


Drop-in class, Wednesday, July 29, 1-4 pm Kensington Art Supply
Subject this week:  All About Eyes
In this class we’ll be working on eyes from many different creatures, including humans.  I’ll supply the reference material.  Please bring watercolour or canvas paper on which to do the exercise if you are taking part.  As always you are free to work on whatever project you choose.  Click the link for more info and to register:

I’m excited to announce that Kensington Art Supply is resuming classes .  Taking into account social distancing rules, the classes are limited to 7 people per room.  We are able to use both rooms for a total of 14 students.   For the moment we’ll just be doing drop in classes which I’ll try to post a couple of weeks in advance.  You sign up for each class individually, but I’ll have a few weeks up at a time if you want to book ahead.  This is so we can remain on top of things if the Covid 19 situation changes. 

 Classes will follow the same format as they have in the past, with a demo at the beginning but you can bring whatever project you want to work on.  This week I plan to talk about design and moving beyond the rule of thirds.  Look forward to seeing you in class!


Covid 19 information: We will be social distancing with a max of 7 students per room, but we have both rooms.  Participants are expected to use hand sanitizers, and good social distancing protocols.  Masks used at your discretion. There will not be coffee service at this time.  We will strive to provide a safe atmosphere.

Instructor:  Connie Geerts
Time:  1 pm to 4 pm
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Fee:  $45.00 + GST
Location:  Kensington Art Supply
                  #120, 6999 11 Street SE Calgary 


Click here to register!