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Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint Sets

Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint Sets

This unique set allows you to go from nib to brush to marker to airbrush or you can just pour it straight out of the bottle! These paints work incredibly well in empty markers to create a wide variety of effects and, to prove this, Golden has released this set which includes 3 different sized empty felt-tip markers and a handy information booklet. The set includes five 30ml bottles of Fluorescent Pink, Iridescent Pearl (fine), Indigo (Anthraquinone), Green Gold and Transparent Dioxazine Purple.   Price: $43.00. Check out Golden’s website for more info.


Limited Edition Watercolours by Winsor & Newton

Based on the colours of deserts around the world, these handpicked watercolours contain both organic and inorganic pigments and are the first colours to be introduced to the Professional Water Colour range since 2007! The new colours are: Transparent Orange, Gold Brown, Indian Red Deep, Dark Brown, Yellow Titanate and Phthalo Sapphire. Pick up yours today.

Holbein Coloured Gesso

Available in 22 colours, Holbein Coloured Gesso is thick, creamy, and offers superb coverage and great opacity. Holbein Artist Coloured Gesso is made with high chroma, lightfast pigments and can be used as a successful ground or as a painting medium on its own. The surface texture is great for any drawing media such as pastels, graphite and more.

What’s New July 2014


Pebeo Mixed Media Centre

The Pebeo Mixed Media Centre features a wide range of mediums including acrylics, glass paints, and glazing resins which allow you to create anything and everything that you can imagine! For some creative ideas, take a look at some of these videos featuring the Pebeo products:

  • Moon
  • Vitrail
  • Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries
  • Liquid Art Panels

Simply Simmons Brushes

We have a brand new display of Simply Simmons long- and short-handled brushes in store.

  • All Short-Handled Brushes: $3.95
  • All Long-Handled Brushes: $4.50



Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Painting Supplies

We carry a wide variety of Pysanky Ukrainian egg painting supplies including dyes, kystky, wax, kits, and books.

Strathmore Art Journals

Strathmore has come out with a new collection of art journals for all of your artistic needs. The collection includes sketchbooks with paper suited to a wide variety of mediums including watercolour, mixed media, graphite, and zentangles. These fantastic books come in both hard and soft cover.



Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor Paper

We have a wide variety of Strathmore’s Ready Cut Watercolour Paper in both hot and cold press. Pictured is Strathmore’s 500 Series Watercolour Paper.
Prices start at $9.99.