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Let’s Talk About Mechanical Pencils.

Kensington Art Supply has an extensive selection of standard mechanical pencils, but there are some that really stand out. This article describes the outstanding choices at various price levels. Pentel Orenz The new 0.2mm mechanical pencil from Pentel called Orenz allows people, even with a heavy hand, to use this extra fine lead as it is supported by a unique sliding sleeve that retracts as you write or draw, giving the lead support the .

Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paints

“SoFlat was formulated to make it easier for artists to create uniform fields of rich matte color in fewer layers than our other color lines. SoFlat artwork is easier to photograph and looks fantastic online. Golden has developed a paint that helps artists create immersive fields of color without the distraction of texture and glare. The paint has a flowing consistency, offering exceptional coverage and a levelling capability as it dries. This unique combination .

Jack Richeson Baby Press Package

These presses can be used for a variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum block printing, collagraph printing, engraving, etching and monoprinting. Richeson Presses are manufactured using quality parts and craftsmanship: heavy castings, steel rollers, and micro pressure gauges. Built rock solid for professionals and priced for artists! Micro pressure gauges for superior control over prints. Heavy steel rollers for consistent, even pressure. Individually adjustable feet to ensure premium stability! This durable press is built .

Speedball Textbook – 25th Edition (Pre-Order)

25th Edition Speedball Textbooks is shipping later this month (March 2021). “First published in 1915 by Ross F. George, The Speedball Textbook is the superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels. A celebration of the 105th year anniversary of the first edition’s debut, the 25th edition of The Speedball Textbook represents the vision of new co-editors Suzanne Cunningham, Carl Rohrs & Sachin Shah and boasts a diversity of technique and .

PENS! Rollerball vs. Ballpoint vs. Gel

I love pens of all kinds and this can be seen by the 14 different jars on my desk that hold a myriad of pens and pencils. But while some might look similar, like rollerballs, ballpoints and gel pens (and there are similarities), they differ in other ways. Let me explain. All have a delivery system whereby a moving ball at the tip picks up the ink and delivers ink to the paper surface. .

Pysanky Supplies

Pysanky Supplies
We have all the supplies you need to decorate your Easter eggs using the wax resist method. Pysanky is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional folk designs. Follow a template or create your own! Everything you need: Kistkas – traditional, delrin and electric; Dye in various colours; Templates & Kits; Books; Stands; Beeswax and many other tools…  

Big Red Sale 2021

Paints, Pens, Papers, Pencils, Pastels, Pigments, Sketchbooks, Markers and a whole lot more! What about Pink? Sure!!! Come explore. Make it a date With LOVE   Pssst… here is a little secret.(Don’t tell the Boss Lady) The staff were told to be flexible with the RED products. In other words, as long as the packaging has red on it, it’s on Sale! Wow! That’s hundreds of products! 3 days only! February 12th to 14th

Etchr Slate – Art Satchel

The Etchr Art Satchel is the ultimate art bag. Built to carry your art gear wherever you may venture, the Art Satchel is in an expandable, weather proof and modular system designed to adapt to your needs. It’s perfect for either digital or traditional art-making, and it can be used as a backpack or a sling bag. Draw while standing, walking or sitting. Suitable for both left & right handed artists. Mini Slate Case .

Handwritmic standard Ruling pen

This is the standard type of the Handwritmic Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen for students and calligraphers who want to have a reliable pen with extraordinary effects on expressive calligraphy. Beautiful stainless steel ruling pen with opaque black handle. Package designed by Chiara Riva, the Handwritmic ruling pens are dedicated to Brody Neuenschwander If you have been to our store you know how much we love Calligraphy. This pen is a real treat! A ruling pen .