Canvas – Primed Wood Panels


Founded in 1994, Gotrick became a major player in the Canadian market by manufacturing stretched canvas. With facilities of more than 30,000 square feet and the dedication of its 30 employees, Gotrick offers several product lines manufactured according to the highest quality standards that make the competition dreamed.

Focussing on customer service, the company is making significant efforts to manufacture and ship their listed products within 2 to 4 days following an order receipt (The delay is 5 working days for customers custom sizes [non listed products]).

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In 1994, Ampersand Art Supply began our mission of reviving the time-honored tradition of panel painting with the creation of Claybord™, our very first coated painting panel. Claybord was originally invented by Colorado artist, Charles Ewing, who partnered with Ampersand to develop it further and see its commercial success. Today, Charles is still instrumental in our product development and testing. Over the years, Ampersand has added many wonderful painting panels with unique surface coatings and profiles suitable for all media from oils to pastels.

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Art Alternatives

Specializing in Art surfaces including over 350 sizes and styles of canvas and panels, as well as black books and 1000+ other creative tools and supplies.

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