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Your personality and dreams cannot be boxed in or defined by anyone but you. There is no such state of being fully understood or explored. There always remains one frontier or mystery inside you.

Pentalic believes memories are created and art happens both inside and outside your regular destinations and routines. The fixed positions of your home, office, school or studio contain only a portion of your narrative. The boundaries of your mind and soul cannot be assigned to a single location. As you sit silently on a sofa or wait wordless against a wall, obscure to others are your thousand thoughts and dreams of diverse and distant destinations.

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Bienfang has been providing quality art papers to artists and designers for over 80 years. In 1926, Sebastian Bienfang founded the Bienfang Paper Company in a loft in New York City to import and sell fine tracing, drawing and watercolor papers to large United States users. As the number of individual artists and engineers increased, Bienfang began to convert its specialty papers into more useable formats, such as pads, sheets and small rolls. Today, Bienfang along with Speedball creates papers for all types of creative expression from sketching and tracing to painting and water color marker and technical drawing.

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