Adult Colouring with Tombow

The adult colouring book craze is growing quickly! Studies have shown that colouring is an excellent activity to reduce stress. The studies are true: more and more, adults are turning to colouring books to help them relax.

But, you can’t colour without the proper tools and for that, Tombow USA has you covered!

The Tombow Dual Brush Pens are one of our most popular products, and they are amazing for use with colouring books. The ink is water-based and blends easily for dynamic effects on the page.


The pen features a fine tip for precise and detail work, and a brush tip for blending and creating fine, medium, and bold strokes. The brush tip is made of nylon, so after each stroke the fibers will return to their original shape.

There are 96 colours in the line! And although they are excellent for use with colouring books, they can also be used for illustrating, doodling, journaling, hand lettering and more!

Tombow has released a series of videos on YouTube to inspire you with tips and tricks for using their brush pens.

Adult Colouring

Tombow Colouring Pages

Brush Lettering Hints

Journal Lettering

Confetti Lettering

Also featured in some of these videos are the Irojiten coloured pencils from Tombow. These pencils have a soft, creamy lead for smooth textures and easy blending. You are able to layers these colours easily without any waxy build-up! They come in sets of 30 pencils; each set in comprised of 3 volumes with 10 colours per volume. Three sets are available, each evoking a different aspect of nature: Rainforest, Woodlands, and Seascape.


At this time, we do not carry the Irojiten coloured pencils in store, but we are able to special order them if you are interested! Simply give us a call at 403-283-2288 or come visit us in store.

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