2020 Garage Sale

POSTER-ColourKensington Art Supply’s 2020 Garage Sale

July 20th-25th

This year we’re doing things a little different than our normal Garage Sale: We’ve decided to spread out all our sales over an entire week!

We want to ensure that the store doesn’t crowd up too much, so each day of the week we’ll be having a different type of Art Supply on sale, all at 30% off! If you take a look at our fancy graphics down below, you’ll get a pretty good idea for what’s on sale when. 

On top of the special sale items of the day, all around the store there will be tables with 75% Off items, so keep your eyes peeled! We can’t wait to see you all throughout the week, with masks on and Social Distancing in full swing! 

Medium Monday

-All acrylic mediums by Golden, Holbein, Demco, ETC.

-Gessos, Pouring Medium, ETC.

Tipsy Tuesday

-All lines of Alcohol Ink, including COPIC markers!

-YUPO paper, and Alcohol Ink accessories!

Watercolour Wednesday

-All Watercolor paints and accessories!

-Every line of Gouache (Including ACRYLA!)

Turpentine Thursday

-All Oil paints (including DUO)

-All Oil mediums

Fast Dry Friday

-Every type of Acrylic Paint!

-Golden, Holbein, Americana, you name it!


-Every Canvas!

-Every Brush!

-Easels, tabletop or fullsize!

-Cradle Boards!

-Plein Air Palettes!

-Brush Holders!